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Social gatherings are an integral part of our culture. We enjoy preparing the most delicious traditional foods and coming together with our family or just discuss issues with people that we value. That’s why Majlis is not only a sitting area, but also it’s the reflection of a desire to host guests in high comfort zone. Majlis is called under different names at different locations such as Jalsa, Şark Köşesi or Sedir. But the culture behind it is the same. It’s our common heritage that we’ve been forming  for centuries.

Providing our community with a great ambience and traditional experience was the focal point of our decision to start this business. Also, we understand how it feels to miss home.

Since 2005, we’ve been operating in NJ to provide the best experience possible to our valuable customers in the US.

So far, we’ve completed numerous decoration projects for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Restaurants, Hookah Cafes & Lounge Areas, Cultural Centers and Mosques in the US. You may check out some of them from the link below.

Recently, we’ve just started sharing this experience with household customers as well. We basically decorate your  area with living room sectionals , floor seating, coffee tables, sanduk boxes, ottomans, variety of hand made accessories and area rugs in an affordable way with a holistic approach and Turkish style. We ship anywhere in the US from Clifton, NJ. Please visit our online store to securely place your order from our large-scale product range just by clicking the link below.

If you prefer having a tailor-made project perfectly suited to your living area, then  just fill out the form on the link below or text via 24/7 accessible Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger lines or just call 201-844-5954 to find the most flexible solution to your need.

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